What I Wore #2014

December 31, 2014

Seeing as it is the last day of December, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and have a look at what I wore in 2014. Now we do have a couple of questionable outfits, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. What you will notice is 2014 was the year *that fringe* was a thing, and also the year when that hip length hair became no more. Ah, if theres anything that will keep me blogging it's seeing how I've changed as a person and being able to look back at my life, whilst sharing it with you guys. Soppy moment...now enjoy!

December Favourites #2014

December 29, 2014

 I'm not all that into favourites posts, but as it's the end of the year I don't see why not! This is my December/kind-of-but-not-really yearly favourites (really well put there I know...). I don't feel I have enough to justify a yearly favourites so let's just take this as all the things I'm loving.

I'd never tried a MAC blusher before, but now I can say I've really been missing out. Not only is the colour of this beautiful, but it lasts SUCH as long time. I put it on in the morning and by the evening it is still there. It is such a flattering deep, pinky coral colour that I think would flatter a variety of skin tones. I'm definitely looking to get some more of these amazing blushes.
I discovered this mascara this year, and I really think it might be 'the one'. I do love mascaras such as Benefit 'They're Real', but it is very expensive and this is a much cheaper alternative. It makes my lashes look very dramatic and doesn't smudge on me or flake off too badly. For £7.99 it's a bit of a steal!

I found this liner this year and for someone like me who struggles to keep anything on her lids for more than about 5 minutes it's a great liner. It stays in place most of the day without a primer (I am yet to try it with one...I'll report back on that soon!), although it does transfer up a little but most liners do that on me. It's easy to apply and is just generally a really lovely product.

This is the partner to my 'Blacktrax' liner and it make the application of gel liner SO much easier. It takes a little time to master but once grasped creates a smooth line and a precise wing. It also doesn't need washing everyday which is a great bonus because quite frankly who wants to wash their brushes everyday!

This is one of those products that I wouldn't have thought I wanted but have actually found I've fallen in love with it - It's just a shame it has a rather hefty £26.50 price tag! It's basically a glorified tinted lip balm but it is one of the best lip products I have ever tried. It is SO moisturising and gives a really subtle hint of peachy colour which really finishes off a look. It's a great pairing for a smokey or dramatic eye or just for everyday. My one gripe is although the packaging is beautiful, it's not the most practical as it's twist up device doesn't actually work particularly well. Other than that it's a beaut!
This is one of those products that is just a cult classic. It's a stunning, blue toned red colour that I have banged on about many times before. It is one of those products that I just have to add to my 'kind of yearly'/December favourites as I just love it so much. You can read my full review on it here.

La Roche Posay Serozinc 
This is the type of product that instantly I couldn't tell if it did anything, but If I didn't use it then I would really miss it. It is a Zinc Sulphate solution (I'm not going to pretend I know what that is) which makes my skin a lot more clear and less red. I love this product and now you can buy it online in the UK I honestly recommend it to everyone. It says it's for oily skin but I have dry skin and find it works wonders!

This has got to be a yearly favourite of mine. I first tried it during the summer and fell in love with it. I don't know how to describe it, but it's just different to other cleansing waters I've used. All I can say is just get yourself some and see what all the fuss is about!

Emberyoleese Le Creme Concentrate 
I bought this infamous moisturiser when I was in Paris, and didn't think much of it at first. However, I've fallen in love with it and use it before I apply makeup as it acts as a really good base. It has quite an interesting smell which has grown on me, but I just wish it wasn't so expensive in the UK!

Nuxe Reve De Miel
I put off buying this lip balm because of it's rather hefty price tag, but when I was in Paris I picked it up for the equivalent of about £4/5. It is everything I could hope for in a lip balm. Thick, super moisturising, lasts a long time and isn't too shiny or greasy feeling. Now I've tried it I would even pay the ridiculous amount in the UK for it as I'm juts in love!

Let me know what things you've been liking this month/year!


December 27, 2014

Photo Credit - Jessica Ash

This is a quick and meaningless post, more for myself to mark the 3rd year of my blog. Crazy how time passes. This all started when one christmas my wonderful aunt suggested to me that a blog would be a good way of incorporating my love of writing and fashion. She might not realise it but I owe the birth of Love Vintage to her. When I first started I was taking pictures on my 2 megapixel camera phone, without an understanding of how anything even worked. Skip forward 3 years and I've learnt so much. Thank you to anyone who has ever read, commented or even enjoyed my blog. It's not the biggest or the most professional thing you'll ever see, but it comes from the heart and makes me happy and that's all that matters to me. All my love - Roxanne x

All Black Everything

December 24, 2014

Black is one of those colours that is a timeless classic. I own far too much of it in my wardrobe but I love how sophisticated an all black outfit can look. A simple black tee and jeans is an everyday way of wearing all black. Paired with a red lip and some converse to break up the colours a bit, this is one of my favourite ways to wear black. For an alternative look try adding leather as it can really grunge an outfit like this up a bit but also keep you warm.

     Duster- Primark , Jeans- ASOS, Top- &Otherstories (similar), Shoes- Topshop, Lips- MAC 'Lady Danger'

P.S I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a fabulous day! x

Kaleidoscope Love

December 21, 2014

Whistles is one of those brands which makes me drool over near enough all of their clothes, but then shed a tear at the fact that I would have to sell my left arm to be able to afford all of them. Recently however I was looking at their sale in John Lewis and hidden behind a rack of clothes was this beautiful skirt priced at £115 but reduced to £30. Yes. £30. AND it was in my size - it would have been rude not to. It's safe to say I clung on for dear life and now I have this beautiful addition to my wardrobe. It's the perfect winter skirt as it is made of a thick woven material which keeps you warm. I shall now be scouring Whistles sales anytime I see one as you really can pick up some amazing bargains.

Skirt-Whistles (available on ASOS), Jumper- Zara, Belt- ASOS, Boots- Topshop and Duster- Primark

Going Out

December 19, 2014

On the rare occasion that I have the time to go on a night out, I like to dress up. Recently I went to an event and fancied being a bit more sophisticated. I picked up this pencil skirt from Forever 21, which quite frankly I think looks like it could be from somewhere like Whistles. I love the shape pencil skirts create as they can really enhance your figure. Paired with a black tee and a belt, this is my version of a more 'grown up' night look!

                     Skirt- Forever 21, Top- &otherstories, Belt- ASOS and Shoes- Topshop

Getting Naked

December 17, 2014

No, do not fear, nobody is getting naked in this blogpost. I'm here to tell you that I got naked - and by 'got naked' I mean I bought the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow palette. Oh yes, one of the beauty world's most highly coveted products. Everybody and their mother seems to own this palette, but it has taken me until now to see what all the fuss was about for myself. Quite frankly it's just darn right beautiful. It's the type of thing I could just shallowly stare at for hours on end, admiring its beauty. The packaging is just gorg, the brush that comes with it is very good and the colours are INSANELY pigmented. They are beautiful eyeshadows that blend seamlessly. I would say I prefer them to my MAC eyeshadows, and although the palette is not cheap by any means, it works out more economical than buying individual MAC eyeshadows. The only one small thing that annoys me is that without a primer the longevity of these eyeshadows on me is not the best in the world. To be honest though, I am yet to find an eyeshadow in this world that does last on me, as my eyelids just seem to reject anything I put on them and aim to slide everything anywhere but where it should be. I adore this palette and although you probably don't need another review of it as there is a ton on the internet, quite frankly I just wanted to photograph this beauty and use a slight innuendo of a title...


December 04, 2014

Lush is one of those heavenly places which once entered, I feel a childish excitement at all of their offerings. Not only do you feel almost drunk from the smell, but the different colours and shapes of all of their products are just truley wonderful. I was on my lunch break a while back and decided to treat myself, as after a long day at work there is nothing better than a relaxing bath - especially a Christmas themed bathed. Oh yes, the Lush Christmas bath products are quite frankly - Lush. I picked up the 'Cinders' bath bomb which smells so festive and calming. It's a lovely bath bomb besides it's slightly strange yellow colour, which I will leave to your imagination as to what that looks like in the bath! I also picked up the melting snowman, which quite frankly is just adorable. This is a bath melt, so once you're out of the bath makes your skin feel so soft and silky. Does anyone have any reccomendations for some other Christmas lush products

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