The collar obsession...

June 16, 2012

So today as I trundled my way around Primark I noticed this beautiful blouse/top reduced from £10 to £5. My first thoughts were 'AHHHHHHHHHH' as I had seen this top on other bloggers Primark Hauls. It is so cute with it's pleats and the pastel lemon colour is just adorable. One of the biggest selling points for me (other than the amazing price!) was the collar. At the moment I think I have quite a big obsession with collars (as you will see in blog posts to come...) and I just thought that overall it was an amazing top. Pairing it with a pleated pastel skirt and belt, and adding a vintage style knitted cardi, makes this outfit uber cute! Skirt £19.99 New Look Top £5 Primark Belt Primark and Cardi Hobbs.

As promised.....My Fake Tan Review!

June 16, 2012

Okay, so as promised here is my fake tan review. To be honest though I have probably picked the worst time to do this, as if you live in Britain it is raining and cold, and everyone probably wants to be wrapped up and in a pair of sweats than have their legs on show, but ho hum we can only pray! Anyway on with the review...

So this is the put it on and go tan. Quick and easy, it lasts a day and washes off when you shower. I have tried brands such a Rimmel and whilst they are perfectly good they are more expensive than the one that I use which unvelieveably is from Primark! Now some of you may be presume, what is she thinking?! But trust me Primark instant tan is actually rather good and only cost me an unbelievable 50p in the sale! It lasts well and has a good finish to it. You can buy it in matte or shimmer depending on what you like. Overall I would give this 4 out of 5.

Wear Off Tan-
So for my normal wear off tan I use St.Moriz. St.Moriz is basically a much cheaper version of St.Tropez. I haven't been using it too long but so far I would say it was really quite good for the price. I find the guide colour is quite orangey and can sometimes be a little patchy, but sometimes it looks quite good. Once you have showered off the guide colour it does leave behind a colour that is quite natural but I don't think it is that strong. I don't know if it because I bought medium and could have done with dark that it really isn't that strong, but I do have pale skin and was expecting more. Also it has the very common 'fake tan smell' to it, which I have to say isn't really that pleasant! It was £2.99 from Savers. Overall I would give this 3.5 out of 5.


I don't often like using gradual tan as I can't see the colour I am putting on. I am always nervous that it will come out patchy or streaky and so therefor don't use it alot. If I do use it though I would use Garnier Summer Body. It doesn't smell like fake tan when applied (which is always a bonus!) and leaves your skin nice and soft. I wouldn't say the colour is that strong at first but I can see how you could build up a nice healthy glow. I don't think it is that streaky but I think it just depends on how you apply it sometimes. Overall I would give this 4/5.

Bedside Beauty...

June 16, 2012

Many people probably have so many different things on their bed side tables, so I thought I would show you what vintage tins and beauty products etc. I have!

L-R Vintage tin containing make-up brushes, Vintage Coca-Cola tin
containing my make-up, skincare products and this months ELLE magazine.
Vintage Tin 
Products from L-R - Clinique turn around body, body smoothing cream; Clinique Moisture Surge
extended thirst relief and Clinique superdefense SPF 25 age defence moisturiser. I love these products as
I unfortunately suffer from the dreaded dry skin and these moisturisers give my skin
a real boost. I recommend the Moisture Surge as it is really cooling when applied
and leaves your skin really rather soft!
Bedside Table
Vintage Tin which I think was my great-grandmothers! It has a
beautiful floral pattern on it and I now use it to hold my make-up
brushes, lipstick etc.


June 12, 2012

Recently I have been in utter love with earrings. I would love to buy so many pairs and just wear them all the time, but seeing as 1. Money doesn't grow on trees and 2. I think my ears would start to hurt if I wore them 24/7, I thought I would show you some of my favourites that I have seen on-line recently. You will probably notice a pattern emerging as my strong love is for drop earrings but studs are still a great jewellery staple! I think drop earrings look really good with messy long hair but look equally as cool with a bob or cropped hair. My favourites of them all are shown with an 'LV hearts logo' (Love Vintage hearts). I love the idea of an ear cuff at the moment so the leaf ear cuffs from New Look at £3.99 appear to be an absolute bargain, also the little boho cuffs from River Island £4, that have a cross and a peace sign on them are super cute! The leaf/feather...(i'm not sure what you'd call it- you make the choice!) are beautiful and a bargain at £3 from River Island. I also love cross earrings at the moment as they can look a bit rock-chick-esque and they are only £4 form Topshop. One pair which I am dying to buy are the drop arrow pointed ones from New Look and they are an amazing price at only £4.99! If you would like to know where any of the others come from (as I didn't want to bore you sitting here listing prices!) please feel free to comment and let me know and I will be more than happy to tell you!

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