September Favourites...

September 29, 2013

Here we are again ready to share my things of the month.  I apologize for the lack of favourites last month, it's just some times I don't discover too many new things or I want more time to test something out and then it might as well just go in the next months favourites. Any-hoo here are my Seotember Favourites...



Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I think this has featured in a favourites before but I have just fallen back in love with it. I have written a review on this product already so you can read that here.

Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Pink Punch'
When these landed in the UK I was really keen to try one but they were always sold out. When I finally got my hands on one of them I was a bit dissapointed by the cheapy packaging and so presumed that the product inside wouldn't be amazing, but it really taught me not to judge a book by its cover as I love it! It is such a beautiful bright baby pink that really moisturises the lips. I love it as a quick and easy everyday lip colour that can be applied on the go. One thing I wish it didn't do though was gather on the inside of my lips, but most lip products to that on me!
A swatch of 'Pink Punch' along with my henna that's been on my hand for about a week! I would say that is one of my favourites aswell!

Clinique Comforting Creamy Cleanser
I stopped using this cleanser a while ago and began using Liz Earle Cleans & Polish. When that ran out I went back to this and I've missed it so much! I prefer the way a creamy cleanser works on my skin over a hot cloth cleanser as I just find them more nourishing. As you can see I'm right at the very end of this tube so now I have the decision- do I spend £17 on a new one!?

MUA Nail Polish in 'Lush Lilac'
This nail polish was my colour of the summer. I pastel purple toned pink, it really makes a tan look great. Even though it is now autumn time I am still rocking it on my fingertips. Best part about it- it's only £1!

Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Anti Bacterial Hand Gel 
I have been after some of these hand gels for soooo long, but unfortunately we can't buy them very easily in the UK. I know you can buy a few of them on eBay, but when my friend went to America recently I asked her to bring me back a few of these and she did! I have this and the Fresh Picked Sweet Clementine flavour and I have to say this is my favourite! I would love to try ones for the Christmas season as I just love all the spice smells, so if you live in America or own any of the autumn/winter scents, let me know which ones are the best so I can try and hunt them down!

Zara App- I adore browsing all the latest clothes on the Zara app- it's just not so good for my bank balance as it makes me want everything!
Pinterest- I have been LOVING Pinterest as it gives me so much inspiration about everything from what I wear to how my house looks! I have especially been loving making a Christmas Board already (don't judge me...)! You can follow me at 'Love Vintage'.

Roar by Katy Perry
Skip To the Good Bit by Rizzle Kicks
Last Friday Night by Katy Perry FT MISSY ELLIOT
Kaleidoscope Love- Aluna George
The Cave- Mumford and Sons
Sirens- Tom Odell

          So that was my September Favourites! What are your favourites this month?

MAC ProLongwear Concealer...

September 25, 2013

After Kim K revieled how she got her glowy and highlighted under eye complexion, I was keen to try it out myself. Obviously I couldn't easily use the same products as her, but I wanted to try a really nice medium to full coverage concealer that was a tad lighter than my skin tone to highlight the area but also conceal.

I headed to MAC in order to buy a lipstick but ended browsing the concealer section aswell (what a surprise...)! I asked the make artist which concealer gave a nice amount of coverage and was suitable for under the eyes and she suggested MAC ProLongwear Concealer. 

I got it in the shade NC15 which is the teensiest bit lighter than my natural skin tone so really adds an illuminating effect. When she put it on me at first I couldn't believe how awake I looked. I also like the fact that it doesn't really crease under the eyes so works really well there but also on blemishes. The only problem I found with this concealer at first was that by the end of the day it could look a little powdery, but I think that all depends on the other products you use with it for example primer, foundation etc. I like the fact that this concealer doesn't crease under the eyes though.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the packaging. I love the look of it and the fact it is quite hygienic compared to something like a dophur applicator, but I do find it either pumps out too much or too little. This becomes a little bit of a problem as there is only 9ml of product so you don't want to be wasting lots of product.

Overall I love this foundation and would definatley repurchase it as I just love the way it looks. It is a little pricey compared to something like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but it do think it is really worth it. Since getting this concealer though it has gone up in price, which MAC having annoyingly been doing to some of their products recently!

                                         Mac ProLongwear Concealer in 'NC15' £15.50


September 22, 2013

It is a known fact that I love Zara. A lot. The way in which they cut their clothes is beautiful and they are always bang on when it comes to trends. Their prices are also really reasonable which is why I love shopping there. I could buy so much there as they are amazing for staples pieces. I am trying to buy simple pieces which can really work well in many ways for my wardrobe.


My latest find was this really beautiful and simple grey knit jumper. At a glance it just looks like a plain piece of knitwear, but it has such a beautiful shape and the softest material. It looks so elegant and classy and the best part is it only cost £19.99! I honestly feel like this piece could be from Whistles and be 3x the price!


I have paired it with a really simple navy midi skirt from a Charity Shop and some simple some black wedges. To add a bit of glam to the outfit I have worn my Missoni Cat Eye Sunglasses which I picked up in TKMaxx for a bargain price.

        Sweater- Zara, Skirt- Thrifted, Wedges- Primark and Sunglasses- by Missoni-Tkmaxx.

Halloumi & Beetroot Warm Salad...

September 14, 2013

Halloumi & Beetroot Warm Salad...

Recently I went to a wedding where for starters I was served an amazing Halloumi and Beetroot Salad. I thought that it would be quite easy to re-create, so here I am giving it a go. This dish is perfect for veggies or just people who are maybe trying to eat a little more healthily. I am making the portion size slightly bigger so it creates a delicious main course.

You Will Need:

Roughly 200g Halloumi Cheese

2 Small Pre-Cooked Plain Beetroot

Salad Mix

Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Your Favourite Nuts and Seeds Toasted ( I used Pine Nuts)

Take the beetroot boil and them in the bag for 15 minutes to warm them through, then cut into quarters. Alternatively you cooked use fresh beetroot and roast them in the oven until soft. Whilst the beetroot are warming cut the Halloumi into small chunks and fry without oil in a frying pan or griddle pan for 2/3 minutes until golden on the outside. To the same pan add your nut/seeds of choice and lightly toast them to bring out the flavour. Arrange the Beetroot and Halloumi on a plate with the salad and drizzle over some Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Et Bonne Appetit!

I hope you enjoyed this and it gives you some inspiration for some meals you could make!

Today I'm listening to - Skip To The Good Bit Rizzle Kicks.

17 Wild Metallics Eyes in 'Wild Nude'...

September 08, 2013


Cream eye shadows are a simple and easy way of quickly getting a bit of colour onto your lids. Many brands such as MAC and Maybelline do them, and when I heard SEVENTEEN were doing some I thought I would give them a go. Before I start I just want to say I have never tried a MAC or Maybelline version so can't compare them to that!

These retail at £3.99 which I think is really quite reasonable compared to some cream shadows. The colour range isn't amazing, it varies from greens and purples to a couple of neutrals. There are really only two shades that I would wear and that is the one I have an a more coppery brown version.

The packaging is quite cheap looking and plasticy but the product inside is nicely pigmented and really creamy. They transfer well and apply smoothly, I like to blend the edges of mine with a brush to make it less harsh, but I do like to apply them with my fingers.  I have to say though that without a primer on my oily eyelids it did crease quite badly and was pretty much gone by the end of the day. With a primer though it lasts a lot better.


I would recommend this product for someone with normal eyelids as a cheap and quick product for everyday use.

Seasons Change...

September 07, 2013

In Britain the last days of summer are over. The weather is now quite overcast and grey, but it is not time to wallow in sadness that summer has gone, it is time to embrace autumn. I love layering and adding all the different textures to my outfits in autumn. In this outfit I'm wearing a summer dress and making it suitable for autumn. I've added this chunky knit cardi which I found in a charity shop for £2.99! I recommend going to your local charity shop to look for winter knits now before it gets really cold and everyone else has the same idea! I've also add some cosy grey socks and boots. 





Cardi-Thirfted, Dress-Zara, Boots-Office, Socks- Jack Wills, Rings- Primark and Kukee and Nail Polish - Models Own Garnet.



                                              What are you wearing this autumn!? 

Today I'm Listening to- Katy Perry Roar.

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