Blue Jeans

June 25, 2015

 I thought that it was about time for some change. Being an all year-round black wearer, it dawned on me that maybe I should try and expand a little and be a bit more adventurous. Who knew being adventurous meant buying blue jeans eh? I have to say though; blue jeans have been a good investment into my wardrobe. They go with many things, my current favourite combo is a white shirt and Birkenstocks for an effortlessly chic look. The actual jeans are the ASOS Ridley High Waist Skinny Jeans. I do like them, a high waist is one of my favourite styles, however when I buy a skinny jean, I want it to be, well….skinny. These although to most people would appear skinny, do tend to lose their shape a little after being worn for a day. The sizing of these jeans is also off compared to some of the others. I wear a W25/L28 for reference, and these are huge (I’m talking another size or two more) around the waist and about 2 inches too long in the leg. Slightly disappointing from ASOS jeans, but they look lovely so I’ll let it slide this time. If anyone has any good blue denim skinnies recommendations, then feel free to let me know!

English Rain

June 14, 2015

It's only through having a blog that I realise how much I complain about the weather. It's a typically British thing to do, but it's so true as the weather really does affect a lot of my life! Because it's so sporadic at the moment, one minute you could be throwing on a dress, and the next a raincoat. However, it is still quite mild. To cater for this I've been wearing light layers. A pair of jeans and a tee   is my go-to look, and paired with a denim shirt and a leather jacket, you can kind of be prepared for a multitude of weathers. I have to say though that by the evening of this rainy day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. So please Britain, make your mind up!

Jacket- Jennyfer // Shirt- Beyond Retro // Top- Cos // Jeans - ASOS // Boots- Topshop // Bag - ASOS

The Perfect Mix

June 10, 2015

I feel that all beauty lovers are always on the hunt for the perfect base. I have many foundations that I love, but I wouldn't say I've found my holy grail. However, the other day just by chance I decided to mix together two of my favourite foundations, as I was only intending to lighten the colour of one slightly, but in turn created what I would regard as an incredible base! Rimmel Match Perfection is one of my all time favourite bases, and mixed with the DiorSkin Dior Star Foundation, you get a beautiful, radiant, medium coverage, long lasting finish. I feel both foundations compliment each other really well. I know it's a bit of a faf to mix foundations, but you might be surprised by what you can create. Do you have any foundations you like to mix?

The MAC Brave Dupe

June 03, 2015

Since discovering the beauty that is MAC 'Brave', I have been converted to nude/pink lips. They are so effortless and cool and go with so many make-up looks. I had heard many people talk about another muted brown/pink shade by Rimmel called 'EastEnd Snob'. It had been compared to the likes of Charlotte Tilbury's 'Pillow Talk' lip pencil, so immediately I thought I needed to give it a go! After tracking it down (it took a while), I was eager to open it and try it on. Instantly though I thought 'This looks a lot like Brave' - and I was right. When I got it home and swatched it next to brave, I was amazed at how similar they were. I would say the Rimmel one is slightly darker, but not too much, and it has a slightly more matte looking finish. On the lips in this particular photograph they look identical, but in real life 'EastEnd Snob' is like I said just a tad darker. For more than half the price though (£3.99 compared to £15.50!), Rimless offering is fab. It lasts well and is really creamy and easy to apply to the lips. A complete steal!

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