The Shirt Dress

February 28, 2016

The twice yearly Zara sale has to be one of the highlights of my fashion year. Nothing seems to excite me more than seeing most of the stock from one of my favourite high-street stores, get reduced down to the most amazing prices. I've been quite good recently and have been on a bit of a spending ban.  I have a lot of clothes and wanted to wear them more instead of always buying more things I don't necessarily need. This lead to me not going near the shops for a while, however when I decided now was the time to venture in, it meant I might have gone a little mad...

I picked up quite a few things in the end of the Zara sale, one of my absolute favourites being this black denim shirt dress. It's not something I would usually go for. Being quite petite means that often long dresses overwhelm me, but this finishes at the perfect length to still be sophisticated but cool. I love the worn denim look and for the incredible price of £7.99 I couldn't leave it behind. This would be perfect in summer and winter paired with boots or kept casual with trainers. I'm in the mood to be more adventurous with my fashion, and this is a perfect place to start.

                                       Dress - Zara // Shoes - New Look // Watch - Rotary

Winter Sun

February 21, 2016

I love those cold winter days when the sun is shining and you can walk outside all wrapped up and cosy. Being outside in the fresh air makes me feel calm and happy, and as much as I love the summer, nothing quite beats a quiet moment in the winter sun.

// Coat - Pep & Co // Cardigan - Zara // Jumper - Primark // Jeans - ASOS // Shoes - Converse // Bag - Primark // Sunglasses - ASOS

The Trench Coat

February 17, 2016

There are some pieces that are classics and should be in every woman's wardrobe. The white shirt, the black jean, the leather jacket and of course - the trench coat. I have to hold my hands up though and say I did not own a trench coat until this month! I'd always loved the classic Parisian look they had, but I've never really come across one that has flattered my body shape and height that well. I happened to be in a local charity shop when from across the room my attention was stolen by this beautiful coat. It was almost like a sign - a brand new Topshop trench coat in my size for £12. I couldn't turn it down. I absolutely adore the sophisticated look this has to it. The enhanced shoulders and the waist tie create a beautiful figure and the coat will just be perfect for the spring. I am now looking for more ways to style it up so if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know!

                               Coat - Topshop // Top - Zara // Jeans - ASOS // Shoes - M&S

The Leopard Touch

February 03, 2016

All black is nothing new for me. I must wear an all black outfit at least once, if not twice a week! Sometimes it's nice to mix it up a bit though. It's no secret that I love a bit of leopard print, and subtly added with a pair of shoes is the way to go in spicing up an outfit like this. The best part about it is the £12.50 sale price tag for a pair of such beautiful pointed flats. Winning.

                    // Top - Whistles // Jeans - ASOS // Shoes - ASOS // Watch - Rotary //

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