This Week I'd Like...#1

January 28, 2013

I know it's only the beginning of the week, but I'm already lusting over a few items of luxury. I aim to start a new series of things that I'm looking out for in the shops to let you guys see a round up of the things I like. There isn't too much but I think each piece is something special! Enjoy!

What are you wanting this week?

Let's Figure This Out...

January 23, 2013

So whilst I was having a little nosey around the Primark Sale, I came across this beautiful skirt for the most bargainous price of £3! I snapped it up immediately as I had been eyeing it up for a while it would just have been a crime not to! It is a gorgeous grey with black stripes running horizontally through it, and I have to say, it is pretty figure hugging. I love the way it adds shape and definition to a figure and the fact it can be worn in both day and night is just a bonus! I have paired it with a contrasting bright blue belt and just a simple plain grey vest. Again, (sorry!) I have added my leather jacket for a bit of a biker-chic look. I have also added this beautiful studded shoulder bag which I picked up in a Charity Shop recently for only 50p!

Skirt-Primark, Vest-Primark, Belt-Primark, Leather Jacket- New Look, Bag-Charity Shop and Shoes- TKmaxx.

Shoe Unboxing + Outfit: White All Star Converse High Tops...

January 20, 2013

Okay, I am no shoe expert. In fact, they say a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, but I just seem to buy one pair, wear them to death and then move on. I thought it was about time I added a new pair into my almost non- existent collection and I am thrilled with the little newbies! Converse. Everyone and their cat's mum owns a pair, but I just couldn't resist them. They are so comfortable and go with soo many things! Being the skinny jeans and every shade of grey tops kinda gal, I thought that a white pair would be brilliant. I almost felt like I was rebelling slightly as when I was younger I would have to buy 'practical shoes' and white certainly isn't practical. (you can tell how exiting my life gets!) Just to let you know I did wear them out once before taking the photos and stupidly walked down a muddy path, flicking dirt on my brand new white trainers in the process, so please excuse the stains on what are supposed to be 'fresh out the box' shoes.

I bought mine in Office as I just love the shop. You can pretty much buy them anywhere though. I got mine in a 5.5, I didn't even know they made half sizes in Converse, so it was a pleasant surprise to know that a company had made shoes for people who's feet stopped growing at an awkward size in the middle of no-where!

They fit really well and the extra ankle support makes them so easy to walk in. They feel like the are cushioning your feet from the floor due to the nice thik sole they have, and the laces don't actually make them a nightmare to take on and off.

I juts love the sleek, American high-school design of them, and they are totally worth the money. They have a pretty similar price wherever you go of around £45 which I think is alright, although you are paying a lot for the brand.

 I like to style them with skinnies and a leather jacket (surprise, surprise) as I just think it looks effortlessly cool.  Jeans - Black Topshop Leigh (Charity Shop), Old Grey Top, Necklace- Topshop, Checker Shirt Jacket- Charity Shop and Leather Jacket- New Look.

                                  Do you own a pair of converse? What do you think of them?

What's In My Bag?...

January 11, 2013

Okay, so I know the 'What's In My Bag' tag is a little bit blogger typical, but just like many other people, I am nosey and what to see what other people lug around with them all day! I have been loving these sorts of posts at the moment, so I'm glad I have finally got round to doing my own.

So a couple of weeks ago I visited the Zara sale and bought a beautiful new bag. It's made of a really soft leathery material that just feels so luxurious to carry around. I think it's very Chanel-esque due to the colours and the way that they contrast with each other. This bag came in two colours, black and cream, but I thought I would be a bit different and get the cream one as so many of my bags are either black or brown, that I wanted something a bit more special.

I used to just be a hoarder and carry around everything in my handbag. I used to say that it was only because I wanted to be 'prepared for every situation'. I have now taken the attitude that 1. It is not good for the bag and 2. It is not good from my arm! I now try to keep things a bit more minimal so that my bag survives for more than a couple of months!

 So the first thing I pulled out of my bag was my beanie which is from Primark and I just love it. I like to carry it in-case it gets a bit nippy and my head is crying out for a bit of warmth. Next is my notebook which is from TKmaxx. I am a list maker. In fact, I like to make so many lists about the smallest of things, people might think its a bit strange! Finally I have just a plain black umbrella, as living in Britain means it rains a lot!
 Next I have my glasses and glasses case. The case is from a little independent boutique and my glasses are from Urban Outfitters. I have my purse which is also from Urban Outfitters and I just love it! I've had it for over a year now and it is still going strong. I got it for such a bargainous price. £20 down to £5! Finally I have my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S2. I am no phone expert but all I can say is I prefer it to the Iphone 4!

                                                  Notice where most of my receipts are from?...
 Finally I have my Make-Up Bag which is by Anya Hindmarch, and it was probably one of the best bargains ever. Bearing in mind an Anya Hindmarch make-up bag would set you back around £100, I found this in a Charity Shop for 30p! It is the perfect size and for a price like that, I just couldn't resist. In it is just some everyday essentials like some make-up (I have relegated the make-up I don't like into my make-up bag so I can use it up!), some headphones, my Ipod, a comb, some perfume etc. The make-up items I do recommend in there though, are the Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 101 and the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil.

                                                                       Bag £16.99 Zara.

                                                      What do you like to carry around in your bag?

Boots Botanics All Bright Day Cream...

January 08, 2013

I am one of those people who likes to discover the best skincare out there, but at reasonable prices. Boots Botanics range is one of the brands I have been trying recently, and  I have to say, I’m very impressed by what I have tried.

I feel like Botanics is not really that talked about in the blogasphere, and really I think it ought to attract more attention. I love the fact that their products are made with natural plant extracts and are not tested on animals. I think they are a breath of fresh air in this already overcrowded market of cosmetics and skincare. They are also affordable (especially at the moment as there is 1/3 off in Boots!) which makes it even more attractive to people not wanting to pay much, but wanting good results.

This product is one of the best moisturisers I have tried. It is SO hydrating and I feel like I am doing good to my skin when I use it. It’s not your typical white cream moisturiser, as it had a slight pink tinge to it which I think is rather cute. Also it smells lovely, like natural flowers and ingredients (I’m really not one for explaining scents!). It is meant to give a brightening effect, which I think it does but not in a way which means when you wake up you think ‘Bloody Hell doesn’t my face look luminous this morning’, it just gives more of a radiant glow.  I use this product in conjunction with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which I do think compliments it and helps to achieve a natural looking clear skin.

Botanics also do a mattyfying moisturiser for oily skin and a calming one for sensitive and problematic skin.

Overall I’d give this product 4/5 as I think it is affordable and great quality for the price.

                             What skincare products have you been using at the moment?

Dresses Are Not Just For Summer...

January 04, 2013

Many of us probably own many a ‘summer dress’ that are now packed away safe and sound in our wardrobes, waiting to see the light of day for a few weeks during the summer months. After taking a trip to Portobello Road and bagging myself an amazing vibrant orange, floral summer dress for just a fiver, I was keen to wear it pretty soon, the only problem was it was Mid-December. So I decided to layer up and add a pop of colour to these pretty dull days.

I have taken these pictures whilst on Holiday, and where I am, Wellies are definitely needed! In an ideal world I’d buy a pair of Hunters and pretend I was a country goddess, but sadly I don’t think I can reason spending almost £100 on a pair of Wellington Boots, so for the time being, similar looking ones will have to do! Mine are from Lowther and can be bought in places such as Blacks.

Surprise, surprise, I have paired the dress with my trusty Leather Jacket. I have worn it SO much over Autumn/Winter , and to be honest, I will probably still be wearing it amongst the heat of summer as I love it too much to pack it away for the season. I think a jacket and boots adds a real festival vibe to an outfit and makes you think of summer whilst you are freezing your little tootsies off in the winter!

I love the beautiful lace collar and pretty pleating on this dress as they add an elegant touch and make it look a lot more expensive than it actually cost. I would really recommend if you are in London, popping by Portobello Road as it is full of quirky, vibrant shops that just scream vintage! (Also make sure you visit The Hummingbird Bakery whilst you’re there, they’re Hot Chocolates are legendary!)

Dress- Portobello Market, Wellies- Blacks, Jacket- New Look, Leggings- Primark and Nail Polish- Essie 'Bikini So Teeny'.

What bargains have you picked up recently? 

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