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March 23, 2014

Seeing as I haven't done a favourites I'm a while, I thought I would share with you all a few of the things I have been loving recently.


Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
I just love this foundation. The finish is not too dewy, not too matte, just a glowy lit from with in look. The colour is a bit dark but I believe they make a lighter shade so I might be giving that one a whirl. I wrote a full review on this foundation so you can get an idea of what I think of it.

Garnier Moisture Match
After receiving a small sample of this and using it until I was scraping the sides, I thought I would purchase it and add it to my skincare routine. I LOVE the smell which I know isn't the most important thing in a moisturiser but it definatley made me love it more. It also just makes my skin feel nice and hydrated without feeling greasy. I definatley feel a difference when I wake up in the morning as it just leaves my skin nice and plump and supple.

Nivea SOS Lip Relief
Not the most glamorous of products but something that really works. I have quite full lips and therefore I think I'm quite a good one to test lip products on as I can often get dry, chapped lips because of it. This is exactly what my lips were doing at the beginning of the month and this sorted them out really well. I wouldn't use this as an everyday lip balm, but if you're in need of a bit of 'lip relief', then I would definatley reccomend this.

Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal 'sable brown'
Brown eyeliner never really appealed to me, but one day I just added this product to my Feel Unique basket and I haven't looked back. I love tight-lining with it as it gives a much more natural finish than black liner and just makes the lash line look a little more full. It's also great for smudging into a brown smokey eye, and for £2.99 it's an absolute bargain.

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I just adore this brush. It was in my 2013 favourites and I have loved it since the moment I got it. It's a great all rounder and I totally recommend it to anyone.

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Body Butter
The smell of this product never fails to make me happy. It has a kind of musky, fig, but with a hint if citrus smell which I just love. It's also a beautiful consistency and I just feel pampered everytime I use it.


Samantha Who on Netflix
This show just got me and I fell in love with it. If you like Rom/Com style films you'll love this TV show. With 2 seasons and 35 episodes and shamefully watched them all in a matter of weeks! 

Life Unexpected on Netflic
I WEEPED so much when I finished this. This was such a great couple of series in which I just felt attached to so many of the characters. Really reccomend this one!

Beyoncé 'XO' and 'Drunk In Love'
After watching Queen B preform on the Brits, I fell in love with her new songs. They've just been on repeat for weeks and I'm so glad she's back with a new album!

The Circle Skirt

March 16, 2014




Sometimes I think we all just stare at things in a shop and think 'I'd love to wear that but I just don't think I could pull it off - and where would I wear it?. That was basically my thought when it came to this beautiful Topshop skirt. It also had a rather large price tag around the £50 mark and I just thought I'd better move on and forget about it. However, one day when looking around the Topshop consession, this one lonely skirt that looked very familiar was hanging there staring at me, in my size and for £10. Yes. £10.  I instantly tried it on and bought it thinking that even if I I didn't wear it I would treasure it dearly anyway. 

I'm yet to wear it out but I think in the summer it will be an amazing addition to my wardrobe. Styled simply with a blouse or jumper I think this skirt would work well with many things. 

Skirt- Topshop, Blouse- Urban Outfitters, Jumper- Zara, Boots- Topshop and Rings- H&M, Topshop & Primark.

Channelling My Inner Alexa

March 09, 2014



It is a well known fact that Alexa Chung is one of the best dressed and most beautiful women of the moment. Many of us would love her uber cool hair and long legs but we can only dream...
love her effortless and chic style which I always want to try and recreate. I even cut a fringe in in an attempt to get 'Alexa' style hair. (#steptoofar)?

In this outfit I've paired my new and beautiful oversized Zara jumper which has the most stunning neckline and is so warm and cosy, with a pair of vintage style denim shorts. Miraculously the sun has decided to make an appearance in Britain and therefore I was able to wear this without tights which is just fab as as a nation I think we've had enough of rain! To top it off I put on my trusty Topshop Chelsea Boots and a vintage belt! Et voila, my Alexa attempt!

Jumper- Zara, Shorts- Car Boot, Boots- Topshop, Belt- Vintage and Rings- H&M, Topshop and Primark.

P.S Can I just take a moment to apologise for the lack of blog posts recently. I have been snowed under with exams and studying and will be for a few more months but after that blog posts will be far more regular. Just bare with for the moment! X

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