August 25, 2014

Paris is one of those places that I believe you need to go to at least once in your life. It is a city full of beauty, love and culture and is just a magical place to visit. I was lucky enough to have a short break there recently with my mum, and thought I would share a few of the things I saw on my trip. It was a really special trip for me because I went to Paris as a child and coming back as an adult and also with the woman who has given me my love of French things, was a really lovely thing. I visited places that as a kid I was amazed by and they still felt so special to see today.

We travelled via Eurostar which was surprisingly fast only taking just under 2.5 hours. We stayed in the 6th Arr. of St Germain. I highly recommend staying in that area, it was so well located for pretty much everything we wanted to do and we could walk to so many places. It was also only a 10 minute walk to CityPharma, one of Paris' most popular pharmacies, and this is where we went first after dumping our stuff at out hotel and having a power nap! CityPharma was insane - it was so small and hectic bit the range of French Pharmacy brands they stocked was AMAZING , and they were also the cheapest I found on the entire trip. If you're in Paris I would highly recommend visit - just be prepared for it to be crowded!

Another really beautiful place to visit that was just over a 5 minute walk form our hotel was the Jardin du Luxembourg. Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful space in the centre of a bustling city. If there's one thing I learnt from this trip its that if the french do something they do it well - and this is certainly a prime example of it! The garden is beautifully kept and there are amazing Fermob chairs all around the garden for anyone to sit and lounge on. 

We walked to Notre Dame which was stunning, but the thing that excited me most was the love lock bridge. Now after a quick google I found out that there were 2, and I hadn't gone to the one which I was intending on - but nonetheless it was still beautiful!

Obviously no trip to Paris would be complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower...

 And finally on our last day we went to Sacre Coeur which was again...(how many more times can I say this...) beautiful! We went inside and it was such an amazing piece of architecture, but also from the outside the views across Paris were INSANE! Finally was lunch in the most amazing traditional French restaurant called Restaurant Boullion Chartier , which had the best steak au frites at amazing prices! Then we headed back to Gare Du Nord to go back to the UK, but not before I got a snap standing near where Chuck & Blair had the o so memorable scene in the train station on Gossip Girl. (I'm a little obsessed...)
 And that was it. Fin.

Au revoir Paris, J'adore tu et Je vais a bientôt!

The Wishlist...

August 20, 2014

If you have been a reader of LV for a while you will know that back in the day I used to do these types of posts quite a bit. Compiling a list of my weekly lustings has been something missing in my life and now today I'm bringing it back. I'm feeling very excited about all the A/W clothes making their way into the shops at the moment - hence the very autumnal feel to my wish list. All links are below so enjoy and let me know what you are currently lusting after!

The Return Of The Skort

August 17, 2014

I am aware that most of my outfits posts/lookbook at the moment have revolved around skorts - but I just can't help it! I considered not posting this as I didn't want to bore you all to tears, but whats the harm eh? I won't say much as I'll just be repeating myself I'm sure, but I leave you with yet another version of me wearing a skirt - sorry!

            Skort - Zara, Top- Ebay, Shoes- New Look, Sunglasses - Primark and Bag - Primark

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