May 23, 2016

I am currently sitting, writing this blog post, finding that nearly every sentence I am writing is being deleted. It seems that it has been so long since I last blogged, my skills have become a little rusty...
I want to apologise for my absence here for a while. I have been well and truly snowed under with work and exams, and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for a while. I have so many new things and outfits I want to share with you all, but sometimes after a long day of writing, the last thing I feel like doing is...well writing! But alas, soon it will all be over and I have many exciting ideas and plans for the summer that I can't wait to show you all. So basically what I am trying to say is, bare with me, and thank you for your continued support, normal business will resume soon...!

I have been trying to be good at the moment and go on a bit of a spending ban in order to be a proper adult and put food/petrol above clothes, however it seems I find that hard...! A brand I've discovered in recent years is Cheap Mondays, and I have fallen in love with their monochromatic, androgynous style. I caved and bought one of their super cosy sweatshirts and I have z e r o regrets - it was on sale, it would the been rude not to. I have hardly taken this thing off. It works perfectly with jeans, culottes, skirts - near enough anything. I have mine in a size L so it has a very baggy and oversized feel to it which I love. The weather is so interchangeable in the UK at the moment that it's perfect for throwing over a skirt with bare legs to keep you warm. What I am basically trying to say is, yes, I have fallen in love with a jumper...

P.S - look out for some Cheap Mondays stock in TKmaxx - you'll thank me later! x

SWEATSHIRT - Cheap Mondays // SKIRT - Zara // Boots - Topshop // Rings - ASOS & Marketstall // Lipstick - MAC 'Creme Cup' // 

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