In Spring We Wear Black

April 29, 2015

Top- Whistles // Jeans- ASOS // Shoes - M&S // Watch - ASOS // Lips - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in  'Ole Flamingo' //

I'm beginning to bore myself with the amount of black in my wardrobe. It's un unhealthy obsession. Everything that attracts my attention seems to be black, but I believe you can wear it all year round and still make it look good.  Although not technically summer, the weather has been a lot brighter in Blighty recently, although still a bit chilly! This means I could crack out my spring black wardrobe, consisting of this whistles semi-crop tee and black jeans. Paired with a bright lip this is a style I've been loving recently. Who knows, maybe I will try and inject some more colour into my wardrobe for the summer, but even as I sit here typing on a sunny day, surprise, surprise - I'm wearing black.

The Mini Skirt

April 26, 2015

Because of the sudden change in weather in the UK,  I'm suddenly very excited for summer. This made me look through my wardrobe at what summer offerings I could find, and I felt that a skirt would make a lovely addition. I picked this one up from ASOS although it is by New Look. I love the simplicity of a white skirt. I feel it can go with so much and will be such a versatile piece. Paired with a simple grey tee and a red lip, this is my perfect spring style. 

Top- ASOS // Skirt- New Look // Boots- M&S // Necklaces - F21 & Pick Up Sticks // Rings - UO // Lipstick - MAC 'Rubywoo' //

Why You Should Vote

April 16, 2015

This is not a typical style fashion or beauty blog post, but today I want to talk about something a bit different. As many of you are probably aware, on Thursday May 7th 2015 the UK will have a general election to decide who will be the party in control of our government. Politics is something that really interests me and is also something I feel very passionately about. I'm not writing this because I want to persuade you to vote my way or campaign on behalf of a party, I'm writing this because I believe that voting is one of the most important things you can do for our country.

I think politics is something that many young people don't get involved in nowadays. Many just don't take an interest through thinking it's 'boring' or they 'don't understand'. Others just don't vote because they can't decide who to vote for. In the UK we have a voting system called First-Past-The-Post (FPTP). This means that the country is divided into 650 constituencies and in each constituency 1 candidate from any of the running political parties is elected. The party with over 50% (326) of their MPs holding a constituency gain overall power. (That's the simple version but of course there can also be many complications to that!) This means you have 1 vote to make a change. What you do with that vote is completely up to you! If you want to spoil your vote (putting a cross through it and not voting for anyone) then that's fine. That way you are still showing that you have taken an interest in politics and you are making a statement that you don't believe in the policies of any party. If you are on the fence about who to vote for then do some research. Go onto different parties websites and look up their manifestos and find out about what they would do if they were in government. Whatever you do voting is important because it is one of the only chances other than referendums that we as the people of Great Britain get to participate in the politics of our country. I especially feel sad when women don't vote, as people died so that women could get equal rights and even have the chance to vote. So if there's one thing you do today, make it registering to vote - becuase if you don't register you can't vote. You can register from the age of 16 and you can vote from the age of 18, but you will need to hurry as registration closes on April 20th!  It literally takes about a minute (I know because i've done it myself!). So please I urge you, make a difference in our county's politics and vote on May 7th.

                                                      REGISTER TO VOTE HERE

The Overall Effect

April 12, 2015

Apart from when I was a child, I've never really ventured into the whole 21st century dungaree trend. In my mind they belong back in the 90s, however I can't help but notice how effortlessly chic some people look in them nowadays. In my attempt to give it a go, I ordered what I would like to think of as the 'hybrid dungaree'. These are a softer cotton fabric but still have that 'overall look' to them. I have to admit I do slightly feel like a painter/decorator but I'm rolling with it. They are surprisingly versatile and can be worn casually with a plain tee and flats, or smartened up with a shirt underneath and boots. The real question is, are dungarees acceptable for a young woman, or do they belong to 4 year olds? You decide.

                                        Top- COS // Dungarees - New Look // Shoes - Zara (Similar) 

UPDATE: A New Beginning

April 09, 2015

Two blog posts in one day you lucky things! (However I do have something very important to talk about). You may have noticed that my blog has had a few changes going on recently. For starters it has a new design as I had had the old one for around a year and a bit of change is always a good thing. Another pretty massive change is the name. For the last 3 and a half years my little 'Love Vintage' blog has been my internet baby. I have grown up, my blog has grown up and I have watched my style evolve. When I first started blogging back in December 2011, I was obsessed with all things vintage, hence the name of my blog. I had very little money and would love nothing more than spending hours in the charity shops picking up a ton of clothes for a fiver, and then coming home and blogging about it. However now I feel it's a good time for some change. I am no longer that person and feel 'Love Vintage' is misleading for the content that I now produce, however I will always love it for what it originally meant to me.

So this is where I introduce you to Love Vintage mark 2 - otherwise known as As some of you might be able to tell the name comes from my own name (Roxanne Rose). I want this blog to be about everything and anything that inspires me, with no restrictions. The content you read will still be the same, if not better, as I'm always striving to improve in any way I can. I feel Rox & Roses now represents who I am more now, and I hope you will all join me still in a new beginning for my blog. Thank you for all your support over the years, it really does mean a lot.

                                                          Where you can find me-

INSTAGRAM- roxanne.rose

TWITTER- @rox&roses


Bye-Bye Love Vintage xx

The Body Shop Serum-In-Oil

April 09, 2015

Do you ever get that feeling that your skin just looks dull, dry and sallow? When it seems like makeup just doesn't sit right and you just generally need as much highlighter as possible to make yourself look even vaguely alive? I'd never really bought anything from The Body Shop before, but I had heard a few people talking about this serum-in-oil. Being someone who has dehydrated and dull skin I was desperate for something to bring life back into my face. It is essentially and oil which you apply in the evening to add moisture and replenish your skin, however it has elements of a serum within. It's lovely and light and doesn't feel to greasy or heavy. The morning after the first night I used it, I awoke to beautiful fresh and glowing skin. All of this, and it only costs £13. Winner.

The Right Weather

April 05, 2015

Although a beautiful time of year, spring in the UK leaves you feeling slightly confused on the weather front. It's lovely and sunny a lot of the time which makes you feel as if you want to whip out the summer dresses and sandals, but it is also still quite cold (which would probably make you want to put them away again!). Because of this you have to adapt your wannabe summer wardrobe to suit the temperature. Adding tights to something like shorts still makes you feel spring-like, but is also very practical. I have to say that when I wore this out a male friend of mine said to me 'could you not decide if it was shorts or tights weather so you just thought you'd wear both?' Funny. I just replied 'it's fashion, you wouldn't understand...'' I like the way it looks, but I'm not obliged to having a warm summers day anytime soon!

Shirt - Topshop / Shorts - American Apparel / Boots - M&S / Sunglasses - ASOS / Watch- ASOS

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