The Obsession

March 29, 2015

If something has stripes, it's pretty much guaranteed that my eye will be drawn to it. It's an obsession really. I realised things were getting out of hand when I created a draw dedicated only to striped garments in my wardrobe. When a friend saw they proclaimed, 'you don't seriously have a draw just for stripes do you?' Unfortunately yes, I do. I have since tried to cut down on my addiction and have banished the stripes draw and have tried to limit myself from buying many more striped related items, but I did have to cave - just this once...

I'd remembered seeing this Topshop striped tunic in store when it first came out, and before I'd got around to buying it, it had sadly sold out. However, my faithful friend Depop is always there to help track down items of the past, and it did exactly what I wanted. For £8 I got my hands on this tunic/dress which can be worn in a multitude of ways, therefore I think it's acceptable to add one more striped item to my wardrobe!

Tunic - Topshop (depop) / Jeans- ASOS / Boots- M&S / Watch - ASOS / Sunglasses - ASOS

The Shirt Dress

March 25, 2015

Recently I have become quite addicted to Asos. I have the type of brain which is either uninterested or utterly obsessed, and quite frankly my obsession has become very strong. As I've said before I've signed up for Asos premier which is just awesome. Unlimited next day delivery with no minimum spend is just lethal for someone like me...! I have placed an embaressing 4 orders in the last week or so, and in one of those was this amazing dress. Sold as an 'oversized blouse' on the website, I thought that if I sized down I would be safe and would just be able to wear it as a normal shirt. It's safe to say that when it arrived I was very, very wrong. However this was almost a blessing in disguise as I actually much prefer this item as a dress. As someone who loves wearing black this is right up my street, but just makes it a little different to normal. I can see this in the summer with tanned legs, sandals and sunglasses; but for now I have to stick to tights and boots which still looks lovely, but let's all hope for some warm sun!

                       ASOS Oversized Mono Print Blouse / Watch -ASOS (similar) / Boots - M&S

Skincare Routine 2015

March 22, 2015

I've really been getting into my skincare recently. I've always tried to take good care of my skin, but my true obsession really started after my trip to Paris last year when I visited the holy grail of skincare shops CityPharma. I've tried and tested a number of skincare products over the few years, so now I feel I have a pretty solid skincare routine,ready to share with you all...


In the morning I like to be as quick as quick as possible. If I'm in a rush to get out the door then I will just use a quick swipe of Bioderma or La Roche Posay Serozinc over the face just to get rid of any excess oils from the night before. I then like to moisturise to prepare my skin for makeup using the Embryolisse Le Creme Concentrate. This really is the most beautiful morning moisturiser. It really sinks in hydrating and plumping the skin without being greasy. Finally I use a little bit of Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm to prep my lips before any lipstick etc.


This is where I do my 'proper' skincare routine. I start by taking off the bulk of my makeup using Bioderma which is just my ultimate makeup remover. I like to think of this as my first cleanse which is then followed up by my second cleanse Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This is one of the first cleansers that I ever used, but I've had many an affair with brands such as Ren, Khiels, Una Brennan - the list goes on! However, I really do love this cleanser. It's a simple, creamy hot cloth cleanser that melts away the impurities, and leaves my skin feeling so soft, supple and hydrated. I really do love it, and if I could only have one skincare product it would totally be this!

A few times a week I will then use the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. It seems in the past year or so that 'acid exfoliants' have been all the rage, but quite honestly I don't see the harm in using a gentle scrub like this. The beads are very fine and just buff away any dead skin build up with ease. What I love most is that it leaves my skin looking so fresh and radiant.

I then use La Roche Posay Serozinc which is one of my favourite toners. It really clarifies and soothes the skin, and is great at clearing any breakouts and blemishes, but is great even if you have dehydrated skin like me. I then use my favourite product of the moment, The Body Shop Serum-In-Oil. This is SUCH a good serum/oil. I basically use it as a moisturiser as it is so hydrating and just leaves the skin looking so bright and fresh. I've even found it clears my skin, and for such an affordable serum/oil I think it is totally worth giving it a go.

I then use the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream which I have to say I feel slightly indifferent about to be honest. I just like to use an eye cream though as I feel prevention is always better than cure! Finally I use my favourite Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm which is such a hydrating and soothing balm - totally recommend!

And that's me done! Here is the no make-up selfie to give you an idea of what my bare face looks like thanks to these wonderful products!


                                             Watch - ASOS / Tee- Zara/ Stripe Top- Topshop

Nails Inc. Be Gelous Collection

March 18, 2015

I'm very predictable when it comes to paining my nails. I will usually go for a dark red or navy blue and be done with it, but recently I thought I would push the boat out a little and get some new polishes for my talons. Nails Inc. is one of those luxury nail brands which just have all the most beautiful colours. Sadly at £14 each they are a bit of an extravagant purchase. However, one day when I was doing my usual rifle through the beauty isles of TKmaxx, I came across the 'Be Gelous' collection for a gob-smacking £15. Yes, you heard right - £15. Considering if you bought all of these separately it would cost you £84, it would have been rude not to!

In terms of the formula and the colours I really like them. They have a good shine to them, not that of a shellac manicure or anything but just a standard shiny nail polish. The colours are beautiful, ranging from a muted pink all the way to a deep red/black. There is even a glitter polish too which is really nice over the top of the other colours. They last pretty well, and for £15 you can't complain.

                                                          Nails Inc. Be GELous Collection


March 16, 2015

Is it acceptable to wear sunglasses yet? It seems I am craving some summer sun, and to get me in the summer mood, I might have slightly prematurely bought a new pair of sunglasses! I adore the cat eye shape of these Asos frames. They really elongate the face and make you look a bit dressed up even if you're not. I'm a little in love with many of the sunglasses on Asos, so let's see how long I can go without buying another pair...

ASOS Cat-Eye Sunglasses £12 or (Similar)

Shoutout to the amazing photographer that is Jessica Ash for taking these snaps for me!

Back To Basics

March 01, 2015


When my alarm goes off on a cold, February morning, and I'm struggling quite frankly to even think about moving let alone think about what I'm going to wear, I like nothing more than to throw on something warm and comfy. This is where I usually reach for my 'uniform'. When I say uniform, I mean the outfits I know look good and will just work. This usually consists of the basics such as a chunky knit jumper and black jeans. However if it's not absolutely freezing then a plain white tee and cardi can work just fine. It's a classic combination that can't go wrong. If I'm feeling extra fancy (which let's be honest isn't very often), then I like to throw on a red lip just to add a bit of something to the look. Throw on a massive coat or leather jacket and some pointed boots and you are good to go.

Jacket - Jennyfer / Cardigan - All Saints / Tee - Primark / Ripped Jeans - ASOS / Boots- M&S / Sunglasses- Topshop

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