March 24, 2016

Amsterdam is one of those cities which you have to visit once in your life. Having never been before, I was SO excited to be going away for a weekend with my best friend, and it's safe to say it was more beautiful than I could have ever expected. In today's society, you can see an image of somewhere at the click of a button, but until you are actually stood there taking something in in person, you can't always truly appreciate the beauty of somewhere.

Getting to Amsterdam from the UK is really quite easy. From where I live it's an hours flight and you're there! We went on March 18th so it was still pretty cold and the weather wasn't great, but it didn't matter as the city was still beautiful even with grey skies! I can imagine it just being magical in the sunny spring time though. We arrived and took a train from the main airport (Schipol) to our hotel. We stayed at The Hampshire Hotel: The Manor which was B E A U T I F U L. It had one of the prettiest lobbies I've ever seen, the most beautiful rooms, delicious food and the friendliest staff. I just want to give a massive shoutout to the waiter that let us eat in the restaurant even when they'd closed and let us have pizza and a bottle of wine at 11pm when we were hangry and exhausted! The hotel was just a 10 minute tram journey (no.9) to the centre of Amsterdam which was perfect! 

trying to take a nap...thanks Tara

The first day we were there we explored the centre of dam. Looking down the Nine Streets and the canals just made me realise what a historical but modern city this it. It has such a story to tell, but is so adapted for modern tourism and shopping. It has such a cool sense of style and is just an awesome place to be. The Nine Streets are a great mix of high-End (try Acne Studios) and vintage (you have to take a look at EPISODE) shops. From here we went to the central Amsterdam shopping area. The shops are awesome. There are a mix of shops from things we have at home to shops that are more rare in the UK. Either which way theres something for everyone and I left with a purse that was a lot lighter than when I went! We headed back to out hotel for a nap (having had 2 hours sleep the night before) and went out to the Anne Frank House in the evening. There always seems to be a queue for this place so either book ahead or be prepared to wait over an hour!

 The next day we tried to go to the Van Gough museum however it was raining and the queue was over an hour and a half, so instead we took a river cruise which I have to recommend! It's such a great way to view the city and learn about its culture and history. We then grabbed some lunch in a beautiful little cafe with the most delicious food in called 'Ivy & Bros'. It's situated in the Red Light District which I did not realise until I sat down to eat my lunch and realised I was facing a brothel - but it's all part of the fun eh?! We the just walked around Amsterdam taking in all the sights before our little trip was over. It wasn't enough time to see everything, but I would love to go back in the future and experience more of the city. I've fallen in love with Amsterdam, and if you have the opportunity to go - TAKE IT!

The Casual Look

March 06, 2016

Something you're all probably not used to seeing me in is a cardigan. In fact I only think I own about 2 and I very rarely wear them. I'm always in a coat or a leather jacket and so for me cardigans don't play a part in my every day dressing. However, in my mission to be more adventurous with my fashion at the moment, the idea of branching out into the world of the cardigan seemed appealing. I went into Zara (the mothership), and found this beautiful grey cardigan/jacket. It's thicker than your average cardigan but can easily be layered under a coat. I love the casual yet sophisticated feel in brings to an outfit. It's also perfect for all the minimal dressers out there, as the marl grey colour works perfectly with black and white. I can see this being a firm staple in my wardrobe for the rest of winter and into spring as the perfect casual piece of outerwear.

                       Cardigan - Zara // Tee - Zara // Jeans - ASOS // Shoes - Converse

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