Shoes from the unexpected...

August 27, 2012

So a lot if us will probably buy are shoes from Topshop, New Look, Office, H&M etc. but I have found a pair of beautiful pair of shoes from a place you wouldn't expect. Good old Marks and Spencer. I agree, a majority of their shoes are not aimed at the younger generation, but if you look you can find a gem. I saw these in the Autograph range for M&S and fell in love with them. They might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I suppose that's why I like them. They're quirky. They feel really good quality and they are really comfy. Annoyingly, when my feet stoopped growing they deccided to halt at a 5 and a 1/2. This means I find it difficult to buy many shoes that fit properly, but M&S do half sizes so it make for a much better fit! They were £45 but totally worth the money.

How I style: A basic striped top...

August 26, 2012

I'm sat here blaring out Adele and in the mood to blog, so here goes! I thought I would do some 'How I style' posts as recently I have found this type of post really useful and interesting. They give an incite into people's style and taste and give you ideas on how to style pieces in your wardrobe. I love stripes, I think I own a few too many striped tops but this one was such a bargain that I couldn't resist! I was in a charity shop when I saw this beautiful top for the bargainous price of £2! It is by Gap and is barley worn, the quality is also amazing.

 My first look is styled simply with a leather jacket and leggings. It is quite a casual look but something you could wear for going out for lunch or meeting up with friends etc. It is a really comforatble look and could be worn with a scarf and boots in the colder months.
Leather Jacket £40 New Look/ Necklace £2.50 / Leggings £3 Primark/ Bag £12 Primark/ Canvas Shoes £7.99 New Look/ Coloured stone ring Topshop/ Black hat £3 (in the sale) Primark/ Lipstick MUA shade 13.

The next look is a fun floral look which can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you wear it with. I put a denim shirt over the top but you could add a vintage cardi or leather jacket instead. Adding a belt separates the top and the skirt out with a bit of extra detailing and wearing leggings and boots under the skirt will keep you warmer in the winter.
Skirt £1.50 Charity Shop/ Belt around £4.99 ZARA/ Leggings £3 Primark/ Boots £15 (in the sale) Office/ Denim Shirt £18 Beyond Retro/ Shell ring Beach Shop.
The final look is more of a summer look. The denim shorts are from Topshop so they are like hotpants! To solve the problem of the bum baring I cut a pair of tights into a shorts shape and then wore them underneath. I got the inspiration off an outfit Perrie from Little Mix wore, you can see the video where she is wearing it here. Of course you could add tights and boots for when it gets colder! Vintage Cardigan Ebay/ Shorts £28 Topshop.

Primarni the great...

August 24, 2012

So as we all know,you can get many a bargainous item at the one and only Primark. Often if I see something I like in a shop but it is really expensive, I think to myself 'I bet I can get one very similar to that in Primark and at half the price.' This is true when it comes to this shopper handbag I have seen. After looking at it in ZARA I fell in love with it but didn't want to spend around £40 on a bag as I am trying to cut down on spending at the moment! I walked into Primark and saw almost exactly the same bag for only £12! It feels really good quality for Primark and is really large and spacious. This bag is so versatile and I cannot wait to use it.

            ZARA £39.99 Image from                                   

Primark £12

Weekly Wishlist: Topshop

August 23, 2012

Edge Paint Bowling Bag £36/ Contrast Sleeve Army Jacket £65/ Lips in Infrared £8/ Tartan Drop Back Check Shirt £28/ Mono Blue Suede Monk Shoes £32.
All Images from

I'm off on a little adventure...

August 03, 2012

So over the next to weeks I will not be blogging *cry*, but fear not my lovelies, I am not abandoning you I am just going on holiday! Despite that fact that in this 21st century world we live in we have Ipads, phones with internet, laptops and tablets, one thing that lets it all down is the fact that none of them work without a signal or a flippin' internet connection. I am off to a world free of these things for 2 weeks, but will be glad to return to my blogging when I get back. If I can get the faintest bit of phone signal I will try and send the odd tweet. If not then I shall see you all soon! I leave you with my some what amusing images of my packing. I have a reputation of 'overpacking', although I like to call it 'being prepared for anything.' Anyway toodlepip and love you all! x x x

Do you think I've packed enough? The case has another huge compartment behind all of the bags!

This is after the 5th attempt of trying to shut the case...

*hurrah* the case is finally shut! (although I did have to sit on it first!)

My holiday make-up. I'm trying to keep it to the minimal, but I wouldn't call 7 lip products minimal.

Fear not I am leaving you with a hint of beauty! I have been wanting to show these products since I got them as I think they are amazing, and seeing as they are in my holiday make-up bag I thought I would show them to you!

Sleek Make-Up Brow Kit RRP £12.99 Superdrug and Topshop Cream blush in 'Head Over Heels' £6 from Topshop.


July Favourites...

August 03, 2012

It is this time again and I have many a great item to show you. As much as I try to not ramble and make my blog posts long and boring, I seem to be writing so much. This may be viewed as a good thing but I am going to try and write a little bit less on this favourites post, as last month I managed to go-on for quite a while...!

1. MUA undressed palette.
This palette is beautiful. The colours are so useful and they are so pigmented. For the price I am so impressed with the quality. Many people rave about the 'Heaven and Earth' pallette from MUA, but I found I liked the range of colours in this palette more. It was £4 from Superdrug.

                                                                2. Scrabble Ring
I ordered this really cute scrabble ring from Ebay. I have wanted one for ages and this one is great as it is ajustable. It was really cheap at 99p, but after waiting 14 days for it to arrive and when it did it was broken I was a bit dissapointed. After super-gluing it back together though I love it to pieces! 99p + 99p postage, Ebay.
                                        3.  The Maybelline Forever string Pro in Lilac Charm.
I love this nail polish! I have raved about this before as I just think the colour is beautiful. You can see it here in my OOTD. It was about £3 on offer in ASDA.

4. I have been  loving two skincare products, the balance Me wonder eye cream and the Clinique liquid facial soap. You can read my review on them both here.

5.  Bourjois Paris Ombre a paupieres eyeshadow in 54 Marron Glace.
Another eyeshadow I have been loving are the Bourjois Paris Ombre a paupieres eyeshadow in 54 Marron Glace. I've had this for ages but only just started using it this month. It is a beautiful golden brown colour that is perfect for everyday use. I'm not even sure if they do this colour any more though.

6. Vintage Play-suit and Cardi
My two favourite clothing items were seen here in my shopping on a budget post. I have worn them both so much since getting them and they were quite reasonably priced!

Collective Jewellery Haul...

August 01, 2012

So I have been accumulating a number of jewellery items that I thought I would show to you all. I thought I didn't have much jewellery so I went out and bought some, but now I think I almost have too much (although you can never have too much jewellery!). I am a huge ring junkie so I have quite a large ring collection now. Is it normal to have more rings than fingers? I also have been on the hunt for a long necklace and have found the perfect one from I really recommend their Jewellery, it is cheap and so pretty!

From L to R: Scrabble Ring 99p+99p P&P Ebay, Oval Ring and Gold Circle Ring from set of 2 around £3.99 H&M,  Silver Ring Vintage and Above Knuckle Ring £1.50

From L to R: Turquoise Skull Bracelet around £3, Aztec Bead Bracelet $5.99 from America, Peace Bracelet £3, Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet £3 and American Flag Print Wristband around $1.99 from America.

                                                      Cross Earrings £2.50 from
Pyramid Earrings £2.50 from New Look. (Top Image from

Skull and Cross Earrings around £2.99 New Look 

Hair-slide- Handmade

                                                         Necklace £2.50

Shopping on a budget: Ebay, Charity Shop and Vintage...

August 01, 2012

So as people may be tightening their belts and not spending as much money at the moment, you might be interested to know some ways of saving money when buying your clothes. Judging by the name of my blog, you might have guessed I like to dabble in a bit vintage clothing, and shopping in Charity shops and on Ebay is a great way to get hold of these type of clothes. Since taking the pictures for this post I have indeed been to other charity shops and bought an amazing floral skirt for the bargainous price of £1.50. I also picked up 3 books for £1, and although books isn't really clothing, I would love to do a book review as I know some people like to see them. Also, seeing as people might want to catch up on some holiday reading, I thought now was an appropriate time.

So first I have two items from Ebay. First is this BEAUTIFUL play-suit which is originally from the Urban Renewal section in Urban Outfitters. I paid £9.50 + £4.20 postage which I thought was a little on the pricey side for such a small parcel, but the playsuit makes up for the postage price. I LOVE it and have worn it so much since getting it. Also from Ebay, I bougt a really cute vintage cardi from a lovely seller/shop named Flapjack Clothing. They packaged it up beautifully and they had so many really lovely vintage items. I have worn this alost none-stop and it was a bargain at £4.20 + £2.99 postage.

Next I went to some charity shops and got some more great bargains. I got a pair of practicallly new Topshop treggings for £4.99! They are about a size 10 so a little big for me, but I think I might alter them slightly. Also, I got a rather unique blouse to say the least, but I love the fact it is so quirky. I only paid £4.99 for it and I love it to pieces.

Finally, I went to a friends house sale where they were selling some of their old clothes to raise money for charity. I spotted a really gorgeous vintage cardi. It was £5 and it is so lovely. I think it is an old yachting cardigan. 

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