The Monki Maxi

July 30, 2014

I already featured this outfit in my Summer Lookbook, but thought I would post this anyway! Monki is one of those stores that just gets me. They have the craziest and most inspirational style, store and the best sales! When I was in there the other day spending far too much time meticulously searching the racks for the best sale offerings, I came across this amazing maxi dress. Being 5ft 2 (and a half!) maxi dresses are not usually something I gravitate towards, but recently I have been lusting after them. This seemed like the perfect one - simple, grey and a little bit grungy all at the same time. Obviously I had to cut the end off to avoid tripping over it, but I really like the new length. A pair of boots, a leather jacket and some red lippie and you are good to go. Simple, effortless style.

                           Dress- Monki, Boots- Topshop and Lipstick- MAC 'RubyWoo'

July Favourites

July 27, 2014

It appears to be the norm that in the blogging world once a month we collect what we have been loving together and share it with others, however it appears I have been truly pants at that over the last few months giving you all a grand total of 0 monthly 'favourites' posts *claps hands*.  However this months I got my act together and here is a few of the things I have been loving throughout the month of july.

I really like this product to the point where I get excited to use it. From the packaging to the texture and the smell it is all just lovely! I have written a full review which you can read here. I would deffo repurchase this little beauty.

Again something I have written a full review on, and something that I have fallen in love with. This is one of the products that you don't really need, but if you went without you would miss. This product  is also the perfect companion to a smokey eye!

Owned it. Loved it. Purchased a new one. Fell in love agin. Nuff said. 

I have talked about this product before saying how much I loved it, but I stopped using it and switched to the Lush Au Roma Water. After finding that just wasn't quite cutting the mustard for me, I decided to go back to this old friend - and boy am I glad I did! I just feel my skin looks clear and healthy when I use this and for £3.95 it is a bit of a bargain.

Perfect Beauty Nail Polish
I have fallen in love with this range of nail polishes that I picked up when I was on holiday in Spain at the end of June. The colours are beautiful and the formulas are lovely. They apply really well and dry pretty quickly. I just wish you could pick these up in the UK and in a wider range of colours!

Primark Bag
I had been on the hunt for this bag for a while after seeing it in many Primark Hauls, so when I got my hands on it I was more than pleased! It was an absolute bargain at only £6 and it is just so practical and stops me from carrying around unnecessary things!

Primark Sunglasses
I had been in the market for some new sunglasses recently and Primark had just what I was looking for. Having what I label as a 'pea head', I find it hard to get sunglasses to suit me. However these fit my face shape so well and I feel a bit VB in them! Not bad for only £2!

The Youtube Video: Summer Lookbook 2014

July 23, 2014

Yes I did it people - I made another Youtube video. I've dabbled with it in the past but recently I have been feeling quite inspired to make another video. Now this is not to say I am now going to become a full time 'vlogger' as I find that with so many people doing YouTube nowadays that videos can become a bit 'samey'. Thats why I want to make more creative content than just your average sit in front of a camera and hold up items of clothing YouTuber. Its not to say thats bad, but its just not for me. Anyhow, for the moment here is my first Lookbook for 'A British Summer'. Enjoy and I would LOVE to hear your feedback! Just click the image below to be taken to the video!

The Skort

July 20, 2014

My initial thought when Skorts became a new trend went something along the lines of 'wtf isn't that what you wear when you play netball?'. As you can probably tell I wasn't all that into it. However, recently what was once an odd concept to me has now become something I feel a need to collect. Not satisfied with the purchase of just one floral print skort I decided I needed more, so along came 2 more. I scoured depop and got hold of this amazing white Zara skort for and even more amazing price of £8. I love how versatile skorts are as pieces and they can be paired with so many different things. Im currently loving it with this gorgeous Zara stripe tee and a pair of leather boots.

                       Top- Zara, Skort- Zara, Boots- Topshop and Sunglasses- Primark


July 16, 2014

Never before did I think I needed such an extravagant and luxury lip balm, however when one of my amazing friends bought me this beauty for my birthday, my mind changed. The Dior Rouge Serum Luminous Color Lip Treatment has got to be one of the nicest lip products out there. It is effectively an intensely moisturising sheer lip colour which adds a subtle hint of colour whilst making your lips baby soft. I have the colour '455' 'Tea Rose Crystal' which is just the perfect colour to pair with smokey eyes, simple liner or pretty much just any make up look. Something to remember though is to exfoliate your lips before using it otherwise it could cling a little. The packaging is beautiful and o-so luxe, but the only one gripe I have with it is that the product takes a lot of twisting and effort to get out. I'm aware it comes with a bit of a hefty price tag, but if you are looking to treat yourself or suffer from dry lips, then I would recommend you give this one a go.

Neon Nikes

July 13, 2014

It seems that one of the latest trends in footwear in recent times has been Nikes. Both men and women are now seen sporting running shoes on the bottom of stylish outfits - but I'm not complaining. Feeling as though I needed to submerge myself in this trend, not only did I buy a pair, but opted for a neon yellow pair. Yes you heard right - neon yellow. The best part of all of this is that I got £100 off them (we will thank the Nike Outlet Store for that) and so therefore buying such a brightly coloured pair of shoes didn't seem so bad. Mine are the Nike Free Flyknit 5.0. They are some if the COMFIEST shoes I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet and the novelty of walking around like a child feeling as if I'm walking on sponges still hasn't worn off. Not only can I wear these running, but I also love pairing them with simple outfits. A classic white shirt and a pair of black skinnies and you're good to go. I would honestly recommend everyone had a pair - they really are fab.

      Shirt- Topshop, Jeans- Topshop (DIY), Shoes- Nike, Jacket- New Look and Sunglasses- Primark

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