Geometric Florals...

February 23, 2013

After sharing my amazing H&M bargains with you all I thought I would show you another gem which I picked up on that oh' so awesome day. This beautiful geometric floral top was an absolute steal and is just so gorgeous.  It has an array of crazily patterned flowers that give the top colourful dimension.  It goes really well with skinny jeans and a leather jacket, but I can also see this being tucked into shorts in the summer months. This bargain doesn't quite beat the jacket but stands firmly up there at £19.99 reduced to £1. Bargain.

                                                                        Top- H&M
                                                         Jeans- Topshop Leigh (Charity Shop)
                                                                 Rings- Topshop & Vintage
                                                                 Nails- Models Own 'Garnet'
                                                              Lips- Kate Moss for Rimmel '107'

Easy Monochrome...

February 19, 2013

Monochrome is a trend that always seems to be around in the S/S months. Often though it can be a little tricky to pull off without looking too stark or like you've tried too hard. I've come up with an easy way to wear monochrome that looks stylish and is comfortable!

Adding the monochrome look to an outfit in a subtle way such as wearing a black and white striped top or black trousers with white shoes is an easy way to pull off this trend. I've paired mine with this beautiful two-tone, grey and black Jacket from H&M. It has gorgeous detailing which makes it look very expensive and good quality. I have to admit I don't think I have ever found such a bargain as this jacket in my life. I'm aware that I wrote a post about finding the bargain of my life (linked here), but now I think I've trumped that. I walked into H&M the other day and saw a rail that was labelled '£1'. This jacket that originally cost £29.99 and had been reduced to a mind blowing £1! I picked it up immediately and did a little dance in my head at the fact I had found such a bargain. The striped top was also on that rail too. I worked out that day that I had bought £70 worth of clothing for £4!

You can also take monochrome into the summer by adding a dark coloured pleated midi/maxi skirt. This makes it feel all floaty which is a lovely alternative to jeans!

Jacket- H&M, Top- H&M, Jeans- Topshop Leigh (Charity Shop), Skirt- Charity Shop, Necklace- H&M, Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters, Rings- Topshop and Vintage, Watch- Ebay, Shoes- New Look and Lipstick- Kate Moss for Rimmel '107'.

20 Random Facts About me...

February 11, 2013

Okay, so I want to start this post of with an apology. I am so sorry I haven't blogged in over a week, I have just been SUPER busy and just haven't had the time. Also I'm sorry that I haven't posted a proper fashion post in what seems like forever, the weather has been truly pants and taking pictures in poopy lighting and rain just hasn't been my idea of fun and I would rather bring you quality than quantity.

Anyhow, I have seen quite a few of these posts flying around the bloggersphere at the moment and thought I would do my own. Many of my followers probably don't know all that much about me so I hope to give you an insight into this crazy little world of mine.

1. I live in England and have only been as far as Italy- I dream of travelling to many places in my life but I don't particularly enjoy the actual act of travelling on planes etc.
2. I ADORE France. I love the language, the food, the people, the country. I just love it all and want to be French!
3. My biggest inspiration in life is my Mum, I love her to pieces and she is one of my best friends.
4. My first job was as a baby-sitter and then on top if that I became a waitress.
5. I am the world biggest worrier. I worry about anything and everything and that would be one thing I would like to change about myself.
6. I would say I'm a glass half full kinda-gal, but I would say I can be a bit negative sometimes so I like to try and think positive. I wrote a blog post on being happy here.
7. I love Salad Cream and will literally eat it with everything. I particularly like it with boiled potatoes- yum!
8. I was born on the same day and same year as my cousin- (I'm 8hrs older must I add!)
9. I have always loved fashion and was lucky enough to go to my first ever London Fashion Weekend at the tender age of 12! I didn't particularly understand everything that was going on but I absolutely loved it and have done ever since.
10. Family is very important to me and I always like to see them regularly otherwise I tend to feel a little distanced from them which is something I don't like.
11. I only have my ear lobes pierced as I am too afraid to get any more piercings done!
12. I have a fear of spending money. I know this might sound strange for a beauty and fashion fanatic, but when I spend large amounts of money I feel panicky and uncomfortable so I tend to buy things in short burst so it doesn't feel as bad! ( I know- I don't even understand the logic of that!)
13. I'm quite superstitious- see what I've done with number 13 there eh?
14. I LOVED the Spice Girls when I was younger- they were my idols. My favourite was Sporty Spice!
15. I also adored S Club 7 and Girls Aloud- I still pretty much know every word to all their songs.
16. I have always had long brown hair- the only time I have ever been adventurous was when I was four a decided to get a rather 90's looking blunt fringe and in the summer when I dip-dyed it!
17. I am an avid list maker and carry a notebook around with me in my handbag for on-the go jottings down. I feel like I'm a bit more organised when I have a list!
18. My style changes but at the moment I would say it is very simple and classic with lot's of black, grey white and leather jackets- anyone noticed!
19. My favourite place to visit in the UK are Cornwall and Brighton- for me they are filled with happy memories that I will cherish forever.
20. I love decorating my home/room etc. as I like to add my personal touch to wherever I am in life.

I hope you enjoyed those pretty pointless facts about my life and I tag any of you reading to do this!

Super Skin Saviours...

February 03, 2013

Recently, I have discovered a few amazing pieces of skincare, which when used together have really improved my skin. I am now happy with my skincare routine and actually enjoy doing it rather than just seeing it as a chore. I think it is really important to keep healthy skin as if you don't start with a good base, you're not going to end up with a good result however much make-up you use.

                                               Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
I have now discovered cleansing balms and oh boy' do I love them now. There aren't really many 'drugstore' cleansing balms out there so I had never really tried one before, but when I discovered that I had a travel sized Clinique Take The Day Off Balm in my collection and hadn't even bothered to use it, I thought now was the time to start. I absolutely love the way this feels as it turns from a balm into oily loveliness  It takes my base make-up ff really well, but I prefer not to use it for eye make-up as I find because it's an oil it leaves a slight momentary haze over my eyes which I don't enjoy. Overall though I absolutely love it!

                                                          Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
Everybody and their Nan's cat owns this cleaner. It is a massively hyped up product in the bloggersphere and I can see why. It really deep cleans and makes your skin feel beautifully soft and pure. I use this after the Clinique Balm as a sort of 'second cleanse'. I prefer to take my make-up off before I use this just to give my skin a thorough cleaning, but it is perfectly good at breaking down make-up if you want to use it for that though. I have to say, my skin is thanking me for using it!

                                                           Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1
Before trying this I had never really been a fan on Clinique toners. I always found them too harsh. This however, is the most gentle of them all and works really well without feeling like it's stripping my skin of it's natural oils. I would like to try some other toners, but seeing as I have around 400ml of this stuff to use up, I don't think I'll be buying a new toner in a while!

                                                 Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream
                             I LOVE this moisturiser so much that I have written a review on it here!

                                                  Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Eye Cream
I really like this eye cream not for it's 'anti-gravity' purposes, but more for it's thickness and the nourishment it gives. I always feel like I'm pampering myself when I use it, and that can't be a bad thing from an eye-cream!

                                                                Ahava Mud Masque
I love this mask as it is so purifying and feels like it is going deep into the skin and taking out all the impurities. It is not very nourishing though so I only use it on my T-Zone for a more concentrated treatment. They have since changed the packaging since I bought it, so I'm not sure if any of the ingredients have changed either.

                                                         What are your winter skincare miracles?

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