About My Hair- Products, Style, Length etc...

August 23, 2013

Okay, so today I am going to talk about my hair. This kind of post makes me feel slightly uncomfortable as I feel like it could be interpreted as being like 'oh look at me and my wonderful hair....'. I can assure you- it's not. I don't even particularly think I have very interesting or revolutionary hair- it's just hair. The reason I am doing this though is because I've had comments in the past on posts saying that people liked the colour, style of my hair etc., so I just thought I would show you all how I got that colour and what products I use to keep it quite healthy. There will also be some pictures of my hair has changed over the years!


When I was younger I always had thick, brown hair that grows quite quickly. That is even the case today it's just I've messed with the colour a bit! I've never really done anything too drastic with my hair styles as I like to okay it quite safe and often stick with the same hairstyle for ages. When I was little I had a full fringe but that was about the extent of my hair craziness. I also went through a stage a couple of years ago of wanting my hair to be red ( I blame Cheryl Cole and her amazing mahogany locks in the X Factor...) so did everything I could to achieve that look. The only other thing I've really done to it is dip-dye it last year. I really enjoyed having dip-dye for a while, and it looks amazing on some other people but I started to grow bored of it, and now I am having quite a bit of trouble getting rid of it. You see, I don't want to cut my hair. I haven't been to the hairdressers in nearly a year (gasp!) and seeing as it has taken me all this time to grow my hair, I don't actually want to cut the dip-dye out. This has led me to just dying the ends of them brown (I apologise if you are a hairdresser, this must be painful for you...)  which eventually just fades out as it just cant seem to take well. So at the moment my hair is natural on the top and a kind of strange gingery, coppery brown on the bottom-sexy.
               The days of the dip-dye and in picture 1, the length of my hair nearly a year ago.

I have a couple of styles that I wear my hair in. It is either wavy and messy, pinned back at the front, or straight and pinned back at the front. I don't really like wearing it not pinned back as it just becomes impossible to see as my hair just flies in front of my face. I also like to either fishtail plait it or wear it in a ponytail. Often to create the waves I just normally plait it the night before when it is damp after washing and then it creates really easy heatless waves.




In the past year my hair has gone from around just above the boob to the belly button, but unfortunately I have no tips on growing hair Ĺ·other than not going to the hairdressers which is probably not recommended!

As the ends of my hair have been bleached, cut, bleached again, dyed, dyed again and then not cut at all, they are actually in pretty good condition considering. I put this down to the hair products I use so here they are...

I'm not really fussed too much about shampoo but at the moment I am using Loreal Elvive Full Restore 5. I have discovered my holy grail conditioner which is TRESemme Salon Smooth Conditioner with Argain Oil which I have raved about before. It just leaves my hair soooo soft and lovely! If I use a mask then it is the TRESemme one. I haven't used it too much so I couldn't give you too much of a view on it, but at the moment but I wouldn't say it's groundbreaking , just a nice pamper thing every now and again. As a leave in conditioner I use TRESemme (are you noticing a recurring theme here?) Platinum Strength Leave In. I really think this product plays a big part in the fact that my hair is in relatively good condition. Finally if I want to tame flyaways or just fix my hair into place then I will spritz a bit of TRESemme Salon Finish Firm Hairspray through it. It's not the best I've tried but its not the worst.



So if you have managed to get this far through the post then I salut you! I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to know what products you use in your hair!

OOTD: Denim and Pattern...

August 19, 2013

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while its just I've been on a lovely holiday for the past two weeks and there has been a lack of wifi! Also I was feeling very very relaxed so that in conjunction with limited wifi meant my blog was slightly neglected. (Slap on the wrist...!)

Anyhoo- I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a quick OOTD! Today was that kind of typical British weather we've been having at the moment- overcast and muggy, so I was actually able to wear shorts and a cropped tee without getting too cold! 



I decided to embrace the pale today as fake tanning just seemed like such a faf! I wore my new denim shorts which I picked up from a car boot sale the other day for only £2! I paired them with a slim black belt to add a small hint of chunkiness, and I also wore my crazy pattern crop tee from Rubee B at New Look. For shoes I just kept it simple and comfy with my navy boat shoes from Timberland.



      Top- Rubee B at New Look, Shorts- Car Boot (originally New Look), Shoes- Timberland, Sunnies- Urban Outfitters, Skull Bracelet- Kukee.co.uk* and Ring- Ebay.

What's On My Face #2...

August 05, 2013

This is my second 'what's on my face' post and this time I did my winged liner look. 






I started by using my Miss Sporty Anti Blemish Concealer on my dark circles and any blemishes. I then used my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade 100 'Ivory' and blended it in using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.  Then I used my MAC ProLongwear concealer to build up the coverage on my dark circles, blending out with my finger. I then took my Sleek Face Contour Kit in the shade 'Light' and contoured my cheekbones. I took my MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter and put it on the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose and anywhere that I wanted to bring forward. I then primed my eyelids using MUA professional eye primer to stop the eye make up I would put on from slipping. I then went back to the face and used the Natural Collection blush in 'Peach Melba' to add a pretty flush to the cheeks.

I filled in my brows using MUA brow powder in shade 18. I then took my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and created a winged out eye look with a Maybelline eyeliner brush. I then piled on Maybelline the Rocket Mascara and MAC Lady Danger lipstick and that was the look complete!

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